Our Values

DVAC  Core Values & Guiding Principles

Justice & Equality We advocate for the safety, well-being and self-determination of individuals, groups and communities as the foundation of justice, equality and equity in our society. We commit to challenging injustice, inequality and inequity because they are the root of domestic violence and all forms of harm.

Respect & Dignity.  We see and embrace the life experiences of other people, meeting them where they are at, believing in them, honoring their strengths and expertise, speaking honestly about their challenges, and building trusting relationships that encourage their personal growth and development.

Collaboration.  Experience, perspective and expertise are essential for system discourse and reform. We participate in all working groups and accept invitations to contribute to discussion in order to raise awareness and motivate appropriate and effective response to abuse and harm.

Compassion.  We reach out with an open heart, understanding and acceptance when we see others suffering, supporting them and meeting their needs to the greatest degree possible.