Board of Directors

Domestic Violence Action Center has a governing board that:
(a) serves without compensation and
(b) is composed of members who have no material conflict of interest.

Domestic Violence Action Center has a governing board, consisting of 15 community representatives who serve without compensation. All our members are deeply committed to helping victims. The directors meet monthly. Every member contributes annually to the Domestic Violence Action Center. The Board in conjunction with the Executive Director develops policy and guides operations. They provide the agency with legal consultation, reviewing documents, assessing feasibility, and offering fiscal guidance.

Board of Directors

President – Rex Fujichaku
Vice President – Ikaika Hussey
Treasurer – Wendy Nakasone
Secretary – Michele Kurihara-Klein

Ashley Nagaoka
Ikaika Hussey
Joy Ann Bliss
Judi Morris
Ka’ipo Bailey-Walsh
Marsha Bolson
Nicole Naone
Sandra Lacar
Scot Z. Matayoshi
Sheila Gold
Suzanne Young
Vera Wright

Advisory Council

Bradley R. Pulice, Esq.
Loretta Sheehan, Esq.
Lynne Jenkins McGivern, Esq.
Marcia Waldorf, Esq.