Safe Futures Fund (A Legacy Gift)

Legacy Gift Planning for Peace in Island Families 

Please consider a Legacy Gift – A Gift to the Domestic Violence Action Center can be one part of a larger plan you develop that allows you to retain control of your assets during your life time and make a larger gift than you thought possible. It is as easy as naming DVAC as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, IRA, or 401(k) plan.

  • Join others in bringing peace to island families
  • Domestic violence is a costly community problem for social, healthcare, business and justice systems
  • The trauma is life altering for the family with long lasting effects
  • Safe families are at the core of a healthy community

How do I make a difference?
  • DVAC has always needed the support of donors to deliver its program services
  • Small organizations are balancing and diversifying revenues to maximize its resources; your gift can be leveraged to inspire other gifts
  • Organizational sustainability depends on the generosity of our community
  • You are investing in the future for a vigorous community in the interests of your heirs

What about my Family?
  • Your gift to DVAC can be a bequest, a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, property, life estate reserved
  • A Gift to the Domestic Violence Action Center can be one part of a larger plan you develop
  • You can choose to give a portion of one asset to the organization
  • With a diversified portfolio your family and your community can receive your gift

What does the Domestic Violence Action Center stand for?

The Domestic Violence Action Center is committed to ending domestic violence and other forms of abuse through leadership, prevention, legal services, individual and systemic advocacy and social change work.

We believe all persons should be treated with equality, dignity and fairness. With high quality and culturally sensitive programs, delivered with integrity and compassion we are creating safety and self-sufficiency for survivors and their children.

Contact us to find out more: 
By phone: (808) 534-0040