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Give A Gift to Bring Peace to Island Families

The unending efforts by DVAC in meeting the complex and persistent demand for life saving support is exquisite. We need your help in these efforts. With the collective spirit and hard work by all of us, the service given to every individual is the gift of healing, safety and hope. Thank you for staying with us on this journey.

Please consider making a donation by using one of the safe and secure options below. If the exact amount you would like to donate is not listed below, you can choose to customize your donation amount before submitting a payment – for example: if you want to donate $30, simply click on quantity arrow indicator below the “$10” so that it reads “3” (3 X $10), then click on the “Pay with Paypal” button. Your payment via paypal will reflect a gift of $30. If you want to donate $200, click on the quantity arrow indicator so that it says “2”, and your $200 donation will be processed once you click on the “Pay with Paypal” button, and so forth …

If you would like to make a recurring monthly donation, please contact our administrative office at (808) 534-0040 to find out how.

Peace for Everyone – $10

10.00 $

Peace for Everyone – $25

25.00 $

Peace for Everyone – $50

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Peace for Everyone – $100

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Peace for Everyone – $200

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$10 Gift to DVAC

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$25 Gift to DVAC

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$50 Gift to DVAC

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$75 Gift to DVAC

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$100 Gift to DVAC

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$250 Gift to DVAC

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$500 Gift to DVAC

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$1000 Gift to DVAC

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$2500 Gift to DVAC

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$5000 Gift to DVAC

5000.00 $

$10000 Gift to DVAC

10000.00 $

If you would like to mail in a gift to the Domestic Violence Action Center via check or money order, you can send your payment to:

Domestic Violence Action Center
P.O. Box 3198
Honolulu, Hawaii 96801-3198