Services for Safety

Your contributions make a tangible difference. Please help us to continue bringing peace to island families by supporting the cost of a particular service that provides essential services to survivors.

Divorce ($2837)

Full legal representation by staff attorney


Advocacy ($1799)

Long-term system advocacy & support on the journey to safety. Over the last 20 years, DVAC has opened 6,134 advocacy cases and closed 7,110.


Temporary Restraining Order ($1649)

Attorney representation to obtain a court order with conditions for safety


Teen Alert Program Presentation ($361)

Statewide classroom and community presentations on relationship violence and healthy relationships. Since 2002, DVAC’s Teen Alert Program has trained 83,904 students, educators and service providers.


Brief Services ($164)

Consultation with an attorney about circumstances facing survivors.


EXPO ($113)

On-site court assistance for victims seeking a restraining order.


Safety Plan ($36)

Plan for survivor (and children) for remaining safe under changing conditions. Since 2000, DVAC has completed 80,768 safety plans.


Helpline ($31)

Caller speaks confidentially to a DV specialist; calls are accepted statewide. Over the last 20 years, DVAC staff had telephone contact with 304,934 callers.


Mahalo for your contribution!