25 Stories – Selina


I was a client of DVAC as a victim of power and control by my ex-husband. We have a son who is now 6 yrs old.  My relationship with my ex-husband was one of the most difficult experienced I had in my whole life. I was lucky to have a son that made me moved on and see the light of hope.

I am very fortunate to have DVAC’s help through my divorce/ child custody case.  The legal team provided me with comfort, trust and hope that I could overcome with the stress I was going through. I was amazed with the coordination of their services in every different department. Everyone was helpful.

It was hard for me to move on as I was overwhelmed with the impact of my divorce. I was fearful of the changes I was about to make with my life and to my son. With my advocate guidance, I became successful.  I thanked her for her encouragement that I could overcome my tough transition.

Without the assistance of DVAC, I am not sure if I have the courage to leave my abusive husband.  My experience with DVAC was very positive and it gave me peace since the divorce finalized.

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