25 Stories – Rachel


I am very fortunate to have Domestic Violence Action Center’s support through my ongoing trial. Since the initial process of my divorce, my children and I have experienced many traumatic events. With that said, I am thankful for the many continued support from the agency.

I met my husband 8 yrs. ago. I have two children from previous marriage. We decided to get married as I was pregnant with his child. Through the years we were married, I did not see any solid income. My husband was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As his vicious attacks increased, I finally decided to file for divorce.

During temporary joint custody order with our son, it was very stressful. I did not know who to turn to so I finally made the call with DVAC. I was immediately assigned to an advocate. Because of his multiple allegations, I have accumulated $27,000 worth of legal fees. I am financially struggling. However, my advocate was able to help me find someone from the agency to represent me. But prior to receiving a representative or attorney, every court hearing I attended put me a lot of stress on me. It’s never a pleasant experience not knowing the outcome. However, the last hearing we had, I was more relaxed being that I have my attorney and my advocate on my side. They encouraged me and kept me calm.

My experienced with DVAC is very positive and I am sure that anyone in my position would benefit so much of what the agency can do for them. The professionalism and knowledge of people I’ve worked with is so valuable, and I would like to thank DVAC from the bottom of my heart for the support that I received.

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