Teen Outreach Advocate

(Full Time 40 hours, Non-Exempt)

Goals: To assist agency’s clients, ages twelve (12) to twenty-one (21), in their attempt to gain safety and self-sufficiency. To provide emotional support, DV education, assistance navigating the education and civil and criminal justice systems, and connections to other social services. To provide outreach, education, and prevention programming relating to dating and domestic violence to youth, service providers, and parents throughout the state.

Minimum Qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree and 1 year experience working with teenagers in direct client services, case management and crisis counseling, excellent problem-solving skills, strong public speaking, oral, and written communication skills. Must have access to an insured vehicle, willing to travel across island for client activities and outreach and be willing to travel to neighbor islands.

Desired qualifications: Knowledge of local education systems, community services system, criminal and civil justice systems, comfortable providing outreach to potential DVAC clients, familiar with multi-cultural styles of communications, and experience creating social media content.


  1. Provide education and training relating to teen dating violence and healthy relationships to youth ages 12 to 21 at schools and community programs throughout the state. Travel to neighbor island communities on a regularly scheduled basis.
  2. Plan and provide presentations, training and facilitate collaborative meetings for school personnel and community members including service providers and parents/guardians/caregivers throughout the state.
  3. Assist in planning, curriculum development and improvement, and facilitation of prevention group and youth empowerment services.
  4. Assist in the development and improvement of curriculum and program materials for youth presentations, adult training, prevention programing, and other program services as assigned.
  5. Create consistent, meaningful content on website and all social media platforms, including writing and editing social media posts, improving audience engagement, and promoting social media campaigns.
  6. Provide brief services relating to dating and domestic violence, unhealthy, and healthy relationships to individuals, ages 12 to 21, and assess brief services individuals (BSI) for power and control dynamics and referral to on-going advocacy services.
  7. Thoroughly assess the educational, legal, safety, and personal needs of all TEEN clients, as assigned by Teen Alert Program Manager, and provide on-going intervention services and case management to assigned clients. Maximum caseload will be twenty-five (25) clients.
  8. Administer a risk assessment and provide safety planning to all assigned TEEN clients. Advocate will update safety plans with TEEN clients on an on-going basis.
  9. Provide crisis intervention services to assigned TEEN clients and to BSI.
  10. Accompany assigned clients to any and all appointments, interviews, court hearings, as appropriate.
  11. Advocate on behalf of assigned TEEN clients with any and all institutions and agencies. Advocate will assess when intervention is necessary and always attempt to encourage the client to speak and act on their own behalf.
  12. Assist TEEN helpline callers and provide helpline coverage as assigned.
  13. Preserve client confidentiality and adhere to all DVAC policies, including those regarding client confidentiality.
  14. Document and keep accurate case summary notes and case files on each client.
  15. Practice good communication skills with all DVAC staff, including attorneys and legal staff, and will document shared client information via e-mail.
  16. Keep track of statistics and monthly/quarterly services and turn into Teen Alert Program Manager in a timely manner.
  17. Attend meetings as designated, including program and advocacy meetings.
  18. Keep updated and current on issues by attending at least 4 designated trainings per year.
  19. Assume other duties assigned by their supervisor.
  20. This position will report directly to the Teen Alert Program Manager.

Interested? Submit your cover letter, resume and 3 references to: jacquek@stoptheviolence.org