Ohana Services Manager

Goals: To provide supervision, leadership and support to the DVAC programs; Puluma I Ka Ohana (PIKO) and Ho’okaika (HO’O) program.  The manager will be responsible for systems collaboration and improving community partnerships.  The Manager will maintain the capacity and oversee responsive services, promote program development, supervisory and management tasks.

Minimum Qualifications: Knowledgeable about intimate partner abuse, and the not-for-profit sector; thorough understanding of advocacy, staff collaboration, and coordinated delivery of services by public and private agencies; experience supervising others, working with clients in transition and navigating the community resource system. Good knowledge and understanding of cultural grounded interventions, practices and ethnic-sensitive approaches facing our native Hawaiians and diverse ethnic group populations in Hawaii.

MSW or equivalent is required.  Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to work independently, and work with culturally diverse populations.

Desired qualifications: Ability to manage intra-agency relations and staff operations with good problem-solving skills; public speaking and training of community professionals; experience in facilitating groups, ability to participate in agency program planning and program evaluation efforts and a good understanding of the justice systems and community resource systems.


  1. Maintain system for effective interface in the delivery of client and program services.
  2. Ensure availability of written program operations manuals for staff guidance and compliance with best practices.
  3. Manages recruitment, hiring, counseling and termination of staff.
  4. Oversee documentation and compilation of programs and staff services for reporting, evaluation and agency planning purposes.
  5. Administer personnel policies and procedures for staff.
  6. Provide Case Review to staff to assure timely movement of cases for clients receiving, legal, and long term advocacy, follow up, and outreach services.
  7. Oversee documentation and compilation of programs services for reporting, evaluation and agency planning purposes.
  8. Administer personnel policies and procedures for staff.
  9. Assess need for and facilitate training and skill building of program staff.
  10. Facilitate groups for survivors and children clients.
  11. Oversee intake and assignment of cases for program services.
  12. Work in collaboration with agency management to develop and implement models of service delivery and effective protocols.
  13. Participate in relevant (1) community meetings, (2) program meetings, (3) leadership meetings, (4) staff meetings and (5) other staff development programs (4 relevant trainings per year).
  14. Participate in agency efforts related to planning, evaluation and strategic development.
  15. Serve as agency representative on relevant committees and community initiatives under development for target populations.
  16. Performs other duties as assigned by Vice President of Survivor Advocacy Programs.
  17. Ohana Services Manager reports directly to the Vice President of Survivor Advocacy Programs.

Interested? Submit your cover letter, resume and 3 references to: jacquek@stoptheviolence.org