Staff Attorney

(Full-Time, Exempt)

Goals: To provide legal representation to agency clients and to be responsive to Helpline callers with understanding and compassion for the emotional needs of survivors

Minimum Qualifications: Attorney licensed to practice in Hawaii with a law degree from an accredited law school.  Insurable.  No pending disciplinary counsel complaints or prior ODC actions in any jurisdiction.  Familiarity with substantive and procedural family law.  Experience in litigation or willingness to litigate cases. Familiarity with domestic violence issues, Family Court in Hawaii or another jurisdiction, system procedures, and service providers in the community. Commitment to client-centered legal advocacy.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Highly organized, ability to multi-task.

Desired qualifications: Willingness and ability to work with and represent individuals dealing with the effects of physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse.  Knowledge of Feminist philosophy of violence against women. Knowledge of the dynamics of family violence. Willingness to work collaboratively with advocates as well as other staff representing victims of domestic violence. Ability to adapt to changing work environment and responsibilities.


  1. Carry a caseload of 25-35 active cases, not including restraining orders, ensuring movement and progression of all cases.
  2. Interview and assess clients, draft pleadings, conduct legal research, appear in court on behalf of agency clients, attend hearings and meetings and fulfill other responsibilities required of a licensed attorney in Hawaii representing clients on a timely basis, ensuring all court deadlines are met and calendared. 
  3. Answer calls for information, community referrals, advocacy, or crisis counseling on the Legal Helpline; evaluate the seriousness of the calls and handle calls in a calm and professional manner.
  4. Make appropriate community referrals for clients/callers needing additional support from community resources.
  5. Oversee and direct paralegal staff assigned to clients/cases and collaborate with advocates and other agency staff to ensure the delivery of appropriate and timely legal representation and other services in keeping with the agency’s overall goals and philosophy.
  6. Work with legal and advocacy staff to provide efficient and effective legal case management and communication.
  7. Provide input regarding agency protocols for client case acceptance, client fees for service, referrals to private attorneys, standards of practice, and handling Helpline calls.
  8. Work with the Vice President of Survivor of Legal Services to represent the agency in the community.
  9. Assist with all necessary organizational reporting of legal services and agency activities by documenting appearances, telephone contacts, materials, preparation, client contacts, and community consultations accurately.
  10. Keep accurate time sheets and time charge codes and ensure all court and client-related deadlines are in the master calendar.
  11. Keep updated and current on issues by attending four relevant trainings, seminars, and conferences per year.
  12. Provide trainings as requested.
  13. Attend and participate in all performance evaluations and case reviews.
  14. Forego outside employment without prior written consent of the Vice President of Legal Services and the Chief Executive Officer.
  15. Assume other duties as assigned by Vice President of Legal Services
  16. Reports directly to the Vice President of Legal Services

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