HelpLine Specialist

(Full Time, Non-Exempt)

Goal: To assist agency’s callers to the telephone HELPLINE in their attempt to obtain information about domestic violence services, resources, and referrals.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or 1 year experience working on telephone helpline/hotline with domestic violence clients or other experience with domestic violence and experienced in crisis counseling services, referrals, good problem-solving skills, effective written and oral communication, ability to work inter-dependently and to mentor compassionate strength. Knowledge of domestic violence law and existing community resources and system practice; good written and verbal communication skills; working knowledge of the criminal and civil justice systems.  Highly organized with ability to multi-task.

Desired qualifications: Willingness and ability to relate to emotionally distraught individuals. Experience working directly with domestic violence victims’ comprehensive knowledge of the dynamics of intimate partner abuse (IPA).  Knowledge of feminist philosophy of violence against women.  Ability to assess primary aggressor, ability to assess readiness for change, willingness to learn, develop and train on language access issues, familiar with multi-cultural styles of communication.


  1. HELPLINE Specialist will provide helpline coverage as assigned.
  2. HELPLINE Specialist will thoroughly assess the needs of callers and process inquiry calls.
  3. HELPLINE Specialist will screen and deliver referrals to the legal team for TRO and divorce/paternity representation; and to advocates for longer-term support services; provide referrals and procedures for obtaining temporary restraining orders and applying for child support; reporting child abuse and using the justice system.
  4. Review and manage Helpline database including periodic auditing of database entries for accuracy, comprehensiveness, and potential training issues (quality control).
  5. HELPLINE Specialist will administer a risk assessment, as necessary, for callers.
  6. HELPLINE Specialist will provide safety planning and crisis support to callers, as necessary.
  7. Make follow-up calls to callers who were provided referrals to ensure they were connected, and their needs were met.
  8. Open and close advocacy client cases.
  9. Contact clients who are on the waitlist and ask if legal representation is needed or check their status (if attorney was retained, or if their crisis has been managed, etc.)
  10. HELPLINE Specialist will preserve client confidentiality and adhere to all DVAC policies regarding client confidentiality.
  11. HELPLINE Specialist will keep updated and current on issues by attending four relevant trainings per year; document and keep accurate call summary notes on each caller.
  12. HELPLINE Specialist will practice good communication skills with DVAC attorneys and legal staff and will document shared client information in person or via e-mail.
  13. HELPLINE Specialist will keep track of statistics of monthly calls and turn statistics into the manager in a timely manner.
  14. HELPLINE Specialist will assume other duties assigned by the Vice President of Legal Services

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