Heart to Heart

With the devoted, generous support of community allies and friends, DVAC will coordinate Heart to Heart – May 4, at the Oahu Country Club – a mother daughter luncheon event, to learn about healthy relationships and warning signs in the presence of one another. This event features live entertainment, jewelry vendors, photo booth, and personal story of a survivor of teen dating abuse. Together moms and girls are able to enjoy the opportunity to raise their family’s awareness and potentially save the spirit and well-being of the teen who, naturally, is experimenting with dating and mating. Supporters of this fantastic event include Loretta Sheehan, Lisa Maruyama, Cheryl and Ray Soon, Suzanne Young, Scot Matayoshi, Wendy Nakasone, Joy Bliss, Ikaika Hussey, Aimee Chung, Marsha Bolson, Rex Fujichaku, David Tumilowicz, David Tanaka, Dawn Yoshimura, Dianne Brookins, Melissa Pavlicek and Sara Jo Buehler. Loretta Sheehan contributed her gift from the Hawaii Women’s Legal Foundation annual Recognition to Heart to Heart.  Bob Vieira is making it possible, through his membership, for DVAC to host this event at Oahu Country Club. 

Seating is limited. Feel free to call (447-3534) if you have questions, or reserve your places at rsvp@stoptheivolence.org