EXPO Court Outreach Advocate

(Full Time, Non-Exempt)

Job Objective

To provide comprehensive outreach services to victims of intimate partner abuse who are petitioning Family Court for restraining orders, including victim defendants and complaining witnesses at Family court hearings at District Court, encompassing domestic abuse cases and TRO violations.  

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelors degree or 1 year experience working directly with multi-cultural, domestic violence clients. Experience in providing crisis counseling services, knowledge of community referral resources, good problem solving skills, effective written and oral communication, and the ability to work interdependently. 

Desired Qualifications

Knowledge of the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems and feminist philosophy of intimate partner abuse, ability to assess for primary aggressor. 


  1. Advocate will readily establish a nonjudgmental dialogue with victims of intimate partner abuse that engenders trust and open communication.
  2. Advocate will provide services to victims of intimate partner abuse both at the Ex- parte and Order to Show Cause hearings, including criminal court calendar calls.
  3. Advocate will assess for primary aggressor.
  4. Advocate will assess the legal needs of victims and will refer to appropriate legal service.
  5. Advocate will assess victims for advocacy/case management needs.
  6. Advocate will conduct readiness assessments for those victims who request divorce and/or paternity representation.
  7. Advocate will conduct lethality and safety assessments and plan accordingly.
  8. Advocate will provide crisis counseling to victims when need is indicated.
  9. Advocate will provide advocacy services when need is indicated.
  10. Advocate will provide victims with referral information when need is indicated.
  11. Advocate will provide all victims with education regarding the dynamics of domestic violence.
  12. Advocate will provide all victims with information regarding court procedures and policies.
  13. Advocate will preserve client confidentiality and adhere to all DVAC policies in regard to client confidentiality.
  14. Advocate will keep updated and current on issues by attending at least four relevant trainings per year.
  15. Advocate will document and create accurate service summary notes and submit monthly statistics in a timely manner.
  16. Advocate will practice good communication skills with all DVAC staff.
  17. Advocate will make contacts and maintain good working relationships with criminal and civil justice system personnel.
  18. Advocate will provide services with an awareness of cultural values.
  19. Advocate will assume other duties assigned by EXPO Court Services Supervisor.
  20. Advocate will report directly to the EXPO Court Services Supervisor.

Interested? Submit your cover letter, resume and 3 references to: jacquek@stoptheviolence.org