25 Stories – Violet


I am one of those victims of domestic violence who suffered for so many years. For years I was not aware of being the victim of domestic violence in which I thought and understanding that domestic violence in a marriage is someone who experience physical abuse. Then I had been a patient of Kaiser Permanente Medical who had been diagnosed to have Depression. I had some counseling and only lately after my knee surgery is when I experience a more extent of being verbally, psychologically, and mental abuse from my husband. There are times that I have to hide in a closet for being so afraid of his abuse.

For years, I made an attempt to leave my husband to get away from the abuse. I made so many attempts to leave but failed due to not being able to afford to get a place of my own. When I left, I was living in my car, or in a beach. It was only last December of 2014 that Kaiser referred me to contact the Domestic Violence Action Center. I was immediately assigned to an advocate and she started the process on how can I be able to leave the situation.

With my advocate guidance, she gave me the courage to make the biggest decision of my life, and that is when I started secretly looking for affordable housing. I was closely monitored of my slow process to move some of my personal belongings without my husband’s knowledge of my attempt to leave the marriage. On January 22, 2015, I was able to partially pay for my February rent. Domestic Violence Action Center was able to help me with the balance to be able to pay for my rent. I was able to make my move on February 2nd, 2015 at my new place.

Without the help, and assistance of DVAC and with the supervision of my advocate, I am not sure if I will be able to make that move to free myself from the harsh experience I sustained for so many years. Now, I am living free and able to live a peaceful life.

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