25 Stories – Jerah


It was late part of 2011 when I first learned about the Domestic Violence Action Center.  Experiencing the dilemma of victims of “Domestic Violence” is an experience every human being, especially the women should not go through.  I needed refuge and the staff at DVAC was willing to all help me, provided me encouragement during my darkest moments of my life and listened to my sentiments unconditionally.  Every staff I encountered showed me how warm-hearted and sincere they are.  They have been very patient, understanding, and sympathetic to what I’m going through.  If I try to look back, words are beyond express how grateful I am to everything they have given to me.  They are very supportive in every step of the way.  I received that much needed support and encouragement.  They made me understand what I have been going through is not shameful experience instead this is a social issue that needs to be addressed.  There are a lot out there: women who do not want to talk or come out of the open because of the ridicule they might receive from the society who do not understand what they are going through.  This experience now gives me an inspiration and courage to take another step forward to share what I’ve learned from DVAC.  I want to transform lives of other women now that I am divorced and healed.  I am a living example of someone who has experienced DV and turned my life around to live abuse free.

Thank you to every single staff of DVAC!

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