25 Stories – Felicia


I am Felicia. Being an immigrant is so hard especially if you do not have a family or you do not know anyone. I was petitioned by a man whom I thought was caring, loving and understanding but he turned out to be just the opposite.

I was a good wife to him, doing all the chores as cooking food, cleaning the house, washing the clothes, waking up early morning to prepare his needs. But he still hit me physically and called me names. At first, I endured until one night I finally called 911 and the police told us to go to the shelter. I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do especially so that I have my young daughter with me. The following day, I called the DVAC HL and I talked to Ms. Lisa. Through her help, I was able to get my life back into pieces. Before meeting her, I was like a broken glass beyond repair but with her help, I was able to slowly get back to my feet. DVAC helped me with lawyers in my TRO and divorce. My advocate was able to help me see a therapist even if I did not have medical insurance then. She also helped me be able to get part-time job while I was waiting for my working permit. She too, connected me with another non-profit agency to help me with my immigration issue. Slowly, I was feeling safe and secure with the help of DVAC.

I eventually became stable and this I owe to DVAC. But, fate put me again into another abusive relationship and who do I turn to but DVAC. At first, I was ashamed as here I am again, not learning from the experience I had. I am truly blessed as I was not judged, I was not blamed, DVAC embraced me the 2nd time around and I will always forever be grateful to them. The lawyer helped me through my Paternity and my advocate, Lisa made me attend the Filipina Support Group. This helped me a lot in overcoming my shame, I healed better and my outlook in life has become more positive. Listening to fellow Filipina having the same experience as I have, motivated me not to fall again and I will never be able to repay DVAC for all the help they have given me. Without them, I am not who I am today: strong, motivated and free from abuse. Life has been wonderful for me and my kids because of DVAC’s help.

Mahalo and More Power!

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