25 Stories – Lily


I was at a very bad place in my life, in my mind, in the world. I was abused, cut, and periodically thrown in a back house for days without food. I tried to escape but I he found me. Hitting me was one thing, but when he hit my daughter I knew I had to leave. The day he hit my daughter, he was out of control. To protect my daughter, I directed his attention to me. He began hitting me and broke my tailbone. When the police finally came, they found him strangling me. He was arrested, and thankfully put in jail.

Everything that followed that day was nothing but stress. I had an open CPS case, had to testify in court, and had to see him again for the TRO hearing. I met my case worker, who explained what will happen in court. The thought of seeing him again was traumatizing on its own. I didn’t think I could do it, and I was actually not going to go through with the restraining order. However, with the support of my father, daughter, and case worker I found myself in court. After discussing the length of the restraining order with my case worker, I decided on 5 years. Thankfully, my batterer agreed.

Now, I am living happily with my father and daughter. She is going to school every day, and the CPS case is now closed. My batterer is still in jail, and I will be notified when he is released. My case worker has helped us get clothing, and bus transportation which was greatly needed. We regularly discuss safety planning and positive self-talk. I have been cleared to go back to work, and am happy to be back! My next step is to look for a place in town, closer to my daughter’s school. Everything I do is for my daughter, and I want to make it as easy as possible for her. I am slowly discovering what my hobbies are, and relaxation techniques. My daughter and I are at a really good place in our lives…finally!

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