25 Stories – Noelani


I met my ex-boyfriend in August of 2009. In the being he was everything that I had wanted. Things started to change less than a year into the relationship. He began to call me at work multiple times a day, and if didn’t answer right away he would send me derogatory text messages. The phone calls got so out of control that my supervisors had to talk to me about it. He began to verbally, financially, emotionally and eventually physically abuse me. He also began to stalk me and show up unannounced to where I was. He would take my car and my keys away from me, so I couldn’t get away from him. The first time he physically abused me, he slammed my head against the passenger widow; my head bounced off four times, brushing the side of my face. That was the first of many. He told me how ugly and stupid I was, and how I should be thankful that someone like him wanted someone like me.

I met with an advocate at DVAC, and she helped me through the process of obtaining a restraining order.  Her professionalism, compassion, and understanding of what was going on with my situation was amazing. I have been out of the relationship for almost 3 years. Starting over hasn’t been easy, but I’m alive, and doing awesome. I’m graduating from college in December and I’m once again happy, free, strong, and helping others that need that hand up in life.

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