25 Stories – Cynthia


My name is Cynthia, and in August 2013, Domestic Violence Action Center helped finalize my divorce case. Soon after the divorce, my ex ended up in prison for possession of crystal meth (which he continuously denied throughout the divorce), unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, and multiple firearm possession charges.  He was transferred to a federal prison in Arizona in June 2014 where he currently remains. I allow my girls to speak with him via telephone and letters.

As far as my children and I are concerned, we have never been happier! I became a full time position at the same employer that I was with during my divorce. All my children are (finally) in school/pre-school and I am also a full time college student. I have approximately 3 more semesters before I get my bachelors in business from UH. We have been blessed and I have you to thanks for helping me during one of the most difficult times I have been through. That lowest point was the foundation and starting point upon which I rebuilt our lives. So again … THANK YOU!

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