25 Stories – Mary


I am sending letter to express how thankful I am that DVAC accepted me back!  I am especially thankful that Wendi took me as her new client because I know how busy she is with all her other clients. I’m also very grateful for all the work she did today and her patience with my case even though it took all day.  Thank you so much Wendi for the way you handle my case today. I am very satisfied that at least I never lost 100%of my kids’ custody rights.

My DIVORCE is finally settled!

To the DVAC family, thank you for everything! Mahalo for all the support and for allowing for me to have your best lawyer! Thank you for all the work and effort and support for my case. I am very appreciative!

Tita Veronica: thank you so much for always being there for me and supporting throughout my divorce case. You feel like a second Mother to me. I am very appreciative!

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