25 Stories – Sandra


Hello my name is Sandra and will like to speak on my experience with Domestic Violence Action Center. DVAC has been amazing to work with. I had been in an abusive relationship for many years and never knew how to get out. I moved to Hawaii with my then husband. My then husband continued to abuse me until I had to get some help because there was nowhere to run, so I had to choose life or death and I chose me (life). I went to the Kapolei Court here in Hawaii to take a TRO out on my then husband. I was so hurt, confused and afraid at the time.

I felt like I was just in another world/so depressed. I knew no one and I had no one here on the Island to help me and then came an Angel.  I walked out of the court room and there was a nice well dressed, pleasantly and kind woman with a smile walking my way saying my name. I don’t remember her name but she told me she was from DVAC. I cannot say what all she said to me because I was not thinking clearly at all at the time, but I know that she was a breath of fresh air and she help sooth my pain by encouraging me that I made the right decision and telling me that I have help in the Domestic Violence Action Center. She gave me information about DVAC and told me to call the number for DVAC to help me in the TRO.

I then called DVAC and DVAC gave me an appointment to come in to talk with one of their attorney by the name of Samantha. She was so nice, professional and kind to me. Ms. Samantha was very patient with me also. She never got frustrated with me because it was hard for me to continue to talk with her about the abuse. She just waited and gently smiled and said take your time, I am here with you and you are safe here.

Writing this at this moment has me in tears because I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m in tears because I thank God for the help that Ms. Samantha was giving me at the time and I really needed that.  I needed to see and feel that it was still kind people in the world. Ms. Samantha was a great support in court for the TRO hearing and she continued to be a great support through my cases. I will always be grateful to Ms. Jordan. She told me that someone was going to be appointed to me as my Advocate and that I should be expecting a call.

I received a call from a woman by the name of Deborah. Ms. Deborah called me and introduced herself to me over the phone. She then set up an appointment to meet with me to discuss my life and what happened to me in this relationship. Wow I have never met anyone like Ms. Deborah. She is truly amazing and I appreciate her so very much.

Ms. Deborah became a person that I could truly depend and lean on anytime I needed to. Majority of the time I did not have to call her because she would call me just to see how I was doing and encouraging me on safety every single day it seems like.  I could not have gotten through all of what I had gone through without Ms. Deborah.  We knocked walls down throughout the military just to be heard. We got answers that we were searching over and over for. We got help for me when we were told that there was no help. We got a many of “no’s” that turn around to “yes’s” together. Ms. Deborah is a strong woman and she is not afraid to get out there to rumble with the no’s. She is my hero and I thank God for appointing her towards me. She is truly a go-getter.

I met another remarkable woman that made a “BIG” difference in my life, Ms. Wendi. She is nothing to be messed with. She is professional and a winner in the court room. I watched Ms. Wendi work very hard for me and for that I am so thankful to her. I feel like I was paying attorney fees to her because her work ethic on my case was phenomenal.

I never would have been able to pay for a divorce and DVAC help save me. DVAC helped me keep my head up and made me to feel like a winner after being beaten down in self-worth. Ms. Wendi made me so proud of her on how wonderful of a job she done for me. She was very loving and caring to me at all times. Ms. Wendi helped saved my dignity. I’m so happy and grateful that she was my divorce attorney. Ms. Wendi “Rock”!

Ms. Suzanne, Ms. Suzanne, Ms. Suzanne! What a woman of God. I’m crazy about Ms. Suzanne!  She was a blessing in the office to me. She would always smile and tell me how proud she was of me. I could tell she was feeling my pain but she pressed through for me with compassion. Ms. Suzanne was so full of love and care.

She would tell me that everything is going to be alright and I believe her. Ms. Suzanne was full of encouragement and she worked very hard with Ms. Wendi on my case. She was constantly keeping me up-to-date through phone calls, emails and mail. I really appreciate her hard work. So glad I had Ms. Suzanne in my corner.

To the entire DVAC, you guys are a “BLESSING” to a many. I watched Ms. Linda fight for victims of the military. She fought for them like she was fighting for herself very hard. I witnessed this at a hearing at the Capital in October 2014. She made me feel important like she was just there for me and she didn’t even know me. She is a great leader. More people should be like her – there will be less violence and killings that occur because victims will have somewhere to run and the help they need. Lives are being saved because of DVAC. I have gone back to my abuser so many times, but because DVAC shed encouraging light on me, I was able to keep myself from going back. Who would have ever known you guys existed. I didn’t know. Lord have mercy.

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate you all. It is so many people that are in need and going to need DVAC’s help. Just like me someone else life can be saved because of DVAC.

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