25 Stories – Natasha


DVAC has helped my two daughters and me in every way possible since the involvement of CPS with my ex-husband and his two sons. I could not have asked for a better team of strong supporters that have helped guide me through such a terrible and heart wrenching obstacle. I was involved in the domestic violence group, and had the pleasure of meeting other women that were in the same situation or worse situation as me. Being able to learn and recognize the types of abuse that was going on in my life and having the ability to talk about it with other women gave me the voice I needed to stand up to my ex and part ways with him. DVAC helped me file for a restraining order for myself and my two daughters. I was also provided with the opportunity to give my oldest daughter a wonderful 2nd birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese because of DVAC. I got an attorney for a divorce and custody hearing that stuck with me every step of the way and answered any questions or concerns in a timely fashion. Everyone involved has inspired me to stand strong and realize that my life and my children’s life is valuable and precious. I don’t need to be held down by another. That I am a strong and empowered woman and my thoughts and feelings matter.

Because of DVAC I’m more aware and able to recognize abuse when it happens. I’m aware of the signs and able to stand my ground. I know that there is help out there that people like DVAC really do exist and are willing to help in every way possible. I hope that other women can learn from my past and realize that with strong support they can overcome the abuse and manipulation. That true happiness and love does exist beyond those that constantly hold us down and manipulate us.

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