25 Stories – Xandra


Hi my name is Xandra and this is my story.

I met this girl through my middle school year. I thought she was a fun and cool person to hang out with.  As I got to know her better, we had a relationship beginning our freshman year.

I started to know when things were going wrong.  She started to bully me for no reason, threaten me if I would talk to boys who were my friends and also threatened to call my mom to tell her about our relationship. She would also manipulate my mind telling me that she’ll find someone else.  She didn’t care how I felt. I felt so helpless and alone and at the same time, I hurt my family and friends who were trying to help get out of this relationship.

The last straw was when she physically abused me. She pushed me towards the wall and just held me against my will, ripped my clothes/jacket pocket while I was trying to run away, slapped my face so hard that tears were dropping down my face one by one.

I coped with this relationship just by listening to what she says. I was constantly being controlled by her thinking she only has power over me. She told me to never hang out with boys because she thinks she’s gonna lose me. She kept me away from my family and didn’t give me time to spend the rest of the day with them.

I finally had enough and had the courage to leave this relationship with the help and support of family and friends.

At DVAC there were advocates at the court house the day I filed a TRO and they were very compassionate when I told them my story. Also, I found a great Teen advocate who checks-in on me to see how things are and make sure that I’m doing ok.

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